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PROG Magazine: Yes Men Guest On Days Between Stations Album

Los Angeles based prog duo Days Between Stations will release their second album In Extremis on May 15, featuring a host of guests including one of the last recordings by late Yes co-founder Peter Banks.

It also includes work by Rick Wakeman and Billy Sherwood, plus Tony Levin of King Crimson and Colin Moulding of XTC.

Days Between Stations guitarist Sepand Samzadeh says: “On the track Eggshell Man Rick, Billy and Peter play together. Sadly Peter passed away during the making of In Extremis – making these recordings even more meaningful and special to us.”

Discussing how their approach has changed since the release of their 2007 self-titled debut, he explains: “We’re five years older, which means we’ve grown as players and have higher expectations of ourselves.”

One major change is the addition of vocals and lyrics to the band’s sound, with Moulding’s help. “The debut album provides landscapes and layers of sound that allow the imagination to run free,” says Samzadeh. “A negative aspect of having vocals is that the mind mainly focuses on the rhythm and lyrical content and often constrains the music. We wanted a healthy marriage between the two.”

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