“In Extremis” ON VINYL! Now available for pre-order (shipping in early January). Two editions are available: regular black OR color vinyl limited edition.

The color vinyl edition is limited to 50 and they will be hand numbered and autographed by Oscar, Sepand and several other guests on the album. The black vinyl edition consists of 450 hand-numbered with the option of being autographed by Oscar and Sepand.

Full details: https://www.daysbetweenstations.com/store

The album is a high quality, audiophile vinyl double album with gatefold artwork manufactured by Erika Records – the premiere vinyl manufacturer in the United States. Audio mastering by Grammy winning engineer Evren Göknar. Here’s a render of what the colored vinyl edition will look like (final colors may vary from this):

Days Between Stations album In Extremis Vinyl LP


Here’s a look behind the scenes at the making of the LP edition: