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We are ecstatic to finally have our new album Giants on vinyl in our hands! Sepand & Oscar show you what’s included in this wonderful package- it’s a double LP on 180g vinyl, with a gatefold jacket featuring Paul Whitehead’s artwork. Inside, the sleeves are printed with info about the instrumentation and a special tribute.

Also there is an 8 page full sized, fully illustrated booklet with the lyrics as hand written by Oscar, featuring illustrations by Ruth Nielsen, complementing Paul’s cover art. Interior photos by Alex Dorriz and Erik Nielsen. Package design & layout by Erik Nielsen.

Note: the main edition is black vinyl, in a hand numbered edition of 500. We also did a small run of rainbow splatter color vinyl and it looks like there may be a few left- (we are still doing inventory) keep an eye out for an announcement about those.

Days Between Stations: GIANTS
Oscar Fuentes-Bills: keyboards Sepand Samzadeh: guitars
Billy Sherwood: lead & backing vocals, bass, drums
Durga McBroom: lead vocals “Witness the End of the World”
Colin Moulding: lead vocals “Goes by Gravity”
Inid Abiza: backing vocals “Spark”

Produced by Days Between Stations and Billy Sherwood