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Saturday night November 7, 2020 we had our first rehearsal as a live band. We are working toward something. Stay tuned!

Sepand Samzadeh (guitars):

“Gonna keep on dancing
To the rock and roll
On Saturday night, Saturday night
Dancin’ to the rhythm
In our heart and soul
On Saturday night, Saturday night…. Sending love to what could be the start of a great live band… JJO (Bass), Billy Sherwood (drums) and Oscar (keyboards)….”

Oscar Federico Fuentes Bills (keyboards): “It was such a pleasure to play with Sepand, Billy, and our newest “station” JJo Saturday night in Hollywood. Everything clicked, and my Roland JP8000 even stayed in tune through Man Who Died Two Times. Something’s coming, and it sounds damn good!”

Jennifer Jo Oberle (lead vocals / bass): “I had my first rehearsal today with Days Between Stations. It sure felt nice to play again!”

Billy Sherwood (lead vocals / drums): “Days Between Stations” rehearsal last night. Sepand (gtr), Oscar (keys), JoJo (bass) and Myself (drums). We played through 30 mins of music from the bands new record that’s out called “Giants”. Check out the new record, it’s quite good.”