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“I would recommend this CD and the band to any person who finds enjoyment listening to very intricate instrumentals packed with emotion and looking for an extreme sensory ride through the sounds created by the band. The band is for all those who love early Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, King Crimson and Emerson Lake & Palmer.” – Progressive Music Rules – NYC

“Reminiscent of Pink Floyd at their most bleak and impenetrable, the LA band add doses of Gabriel-style ethnicity to fine effect.” – Geoff Barton – Classic Rock Magazine, UK

“For a debut, Days Between Stations ranks up there with the best of them. I’d go as far to say it could be deemed a modern classic progressive rock album. It’s just a wonderful listen each time. I know this will be on my “favorite releases of 2007”. Mind you this is not retro or neo, just something in between. I highly recommend this to fans of the classic era prog rock and the aforementioned bands.” – Ron Fuchs, Prognaut

“The group describe their style as art rock and post-prog. Perhaps, but its main force is the melodic ambiance created which is, in my view, more space rock, almost mesmerizing and trance inducing. Their music is never heavy or metal sounding. The intricacy and complexity of the composition with the choice of instruments (real great sax!), makes this debut album an instant classic.” Proggnosis

“Stylistically, you can hear bits of early Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and Tangerine Dream throughout this self-titled CD, all of which come into play on the sprawling opening cut “Requiem For
the Living”, a 13-minute tour-de-force of menacing progressive rock, highlighted by Fuentes’ array of spacey keyboard sounds, layered guitar tones from Samzadeh, and scorching slide guitar from guest Jeremy Castillo. Samzadeh’s blistering lead work on “Either/Or” recalls early 70’s David Gilmour, and with haunting Fender Rhodes and bubbling synths from Fuentes, you could swear this cut was a lost track from Animals or Dark Side of the Moon.” – Peter Pardo, Sea of Tranquility

“Overall, Days Between Stations is a balanced. Well-rounded take on next generation space rock (er, post-prog – sorry!), with a perpetually shifting kaleidoscope of shades, orchestration and scenario. It’s reassuring to see that the genre is passing into competent hands.” – John Patrick, Progression Magazine Issue #53 May 2008 (USA)