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Days Between Stations EPK 2022

Days Between Stations is Oscar Fuentes Bills and Sepand Samzadeh.

Days Between Stations is the creative partnership between guitarist Sepand Samzadeh and keyboardist Oscar Fuentes Bills. The duo came together in Los Angeles in November 2003 when Oscar responded to an ad placed by Sepand. They named the band after a 1985 novel by Steve Erickson. The band’s sound – Samzadeh calls it “art-rock,” Fuentes labels it “post-prog” – reflects their varied influences, as well as a shared disregard for stylistic boundaries.

An early collaboration with Pineapple Thief’s Bruce Soord can be heard on the song “Saturday” from the album 12 Stories Down by Pineapple Thief.


In 2007, the duo, with the aid of Young Dubliners drummer Jon Mattox as producer, released their eponymous debut album on Bright Orange records. This album included performances from guitarist Jeremy Castillo, Argentinean-born bassist Vivi Rama, sax player Jason Hemmens, singer Hollie Shepard, trumpeter Sean Erick, trombonist Kevin Williams, and Samzadeh’s uncle Jeffrey Samzadeh, who sang on the track “Requiem for the Living.” It achieved a great deal of critical acclaim, which kept the band going despite a number of personal setbacks.


In 2012, while working on material for their second album, “In Extremis,” the Sepand and Oscar were introduced to producer Billy Sherwood. The band was already working with original Yes guitarist Peter Banks (who had praised their debut album) and superstar bassist Tony Levin; Sherwood’s involvement consolidated these performances and expanded the sonic palette to include an orchestra, renowned keyboardist Rick Wakeman and lead singers Colin Moulding of XTC, as well as Sherwood himself.

Famed artist Paul Whitehead collaborated with the band to paint the cover art, which incorporated visual elements from the songs. “In Extremis” was released in 2013 and ended up on many top-10 lists for the year, in good company with artists such as Haken, Steven Wilson, and Sound of Contact. The band produced their first music video in 2014 for the song “The Man Who Died Two Times,” with XTC’s Colin Moulding.

GIANTS – 2020

In 2016, the band wrote and recorded their third album “Giants.” Due to significant personal setbacks, the album was not released until 2020. The band continued their relationship with producer Billy Sherwood, who sang lead vocals, played bass and drums, and co-wrote a number of the songs with Oscar and Sepand.

Other collaborators included familiar friend Colin Moulding of XTC on “Goes by Gravity” and Durga McBroom of Pink Floyd on “Witness the End of the World.” The sound of the album built upon the symphonic progressive rock palette of the previous album to include a more raw, live feel as the band moved towards a live performance mode. Giants was released in 2020 to great critical acclaim. As with “In Extremis,” Oscar and Sepand collaborated with artist Paul Whitehead on the cover artwork, which again incorporated themes from the album.

The band have also produced music for movie soundtracks, most notably for “Y Reciter Tu Aliento”, The band have also produced music for movie soundtracks, most notably for “Y Reciter Tu Aliento”, “Young Single and Angry”, “Nature Humaine”, a documentary about Jean Paul Bourdier (coming soon) and “Paul/Trish – The Art of Fluidity” a documentary about Paul Whitehead (coming soon).

Says Sherwood, “I love the creativity of Sepand and Oscar. Their music speaks to that spirit of imagination they both share. I’m honored to be a part of it and explore new musical horizons with them and I’m very proud of the music we’ve made… Days Between Stations is a musical force to be reckoned with indeed.”

Durga McBroom adds, “Working on this project has been amazing. From Lebanon to the San Fernando Valley, we mixed our essences together. DBS’s magical music, Billy’s meticulous production, and my humble vocal offerings make a heady combo. I had a blast!”


In 2022 the Oscar and Sepand have assembled a live band to film a live concert video to be released on CD and Blu-Ray. The band line up will be:

Oscar Fuentes-Bills – keyboards
Sepand Samzadeh – guitars

Scott Connor – drums
Jarad Lander – bass
Michelle Aragon – vocals
Persephone Godwin – vocals
David Hussey (XNA) – vocals

with special guests
Billy Sherwood (Yes) – vocals
Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd) – vocals

Music Video – “The Man Who Died Two Times”

Select Tracks

“Giants” – 2020
“Goes by Gravity” – 2020
“Another Day” – 2020