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Days Between Stations are Oscar Fuentes Bills and Sepand Samzadeh.

In fall 2003, Sepand Samzadeh placed an ad in a local magazine and Oscar Fuentes responded. The two began composing music and Fuentes suggested a very fitting name for the band, Days Between Stations –the name of a novel Fuentes had read by Steve Erikson.

In 2004, Fuentes and Samzadeh sent Bruce Soord, leader of the British band The Pineapple Thief, a CD with nearly an hour’s worth of mostly improvised material. Soord used some of this material as the basis for the song “Saturday” on The Pineapple Thief’s 12 Stories Down (Cyclops 2004).

To help flesh out their sound in the studio, the band contacted former Young Dubliners drummer Jon Mattox in 2005. Mattox joined in as drummer and co-producer. The band further enlisted guitarist Jeremy Castillo, Argentinean-born bassist Vivi Rama, sax player Jason Hemmens, singer Hollie Shepard, trumpeter Sean Erick and trombonist Kevin Williams. Samzadeh’s uncle Jeffrey Samzadeh, who sings traditional Iranian classical music, also sang on the track “Requiem for the Living”.

Their eponymous debut CD was released in August 2007 on Bright Orange Records to worldwide acclaim, and was considered as one of the best albums of the year.

In 2008, Fuentes and Samzadeh began working on their sophomore album. In 2012, Fuentes and Samzadeh, looking for a vocalist for the project, got introduced to Billy Sherwood. Although the music was written by Days Between Stations, Sherwood co-produced the album with Fuentes and Samzadeh and co-wrote the lyrics to the songs. Sherwood also helped arrange the song “The Man who Died Two Times”. Peter Banks was the second to be brought into the project. Banks had praised the band on their debut album and became and instrumental force on two songs, Eggshell Man and In Extremis. Next came Tony Levin, originally to play on Visionary, playing bass on the entire CD. Rick Wakeman and Colin Moulding delivered their contributions simultaneously, to Eggshell Man and the Man Who Died Two Times, respectively. Paul Whitehead was also sought out to paint the artwork for the album.

With the album in full swing, and the concept falling into place, Fuentes and Samzadeh now had to write their overture, No Cause For Alarm. This track was left for last as it needed to contain all the major themes and epic melodies of the album. Having written the overture in just five sessions, Days Between Stations hired Chris Tedesco and the Angel City Orchestra to record the score. The orchestra also recorded the Waltz in E minor (this later became a dedication to Peter Banks after he passed away on March 7th 2013), and appears on In Utero, Visionary and In Extremis.

Days Between Stations sophomore album In Extremis was released on May 15th 2013. Their third album GIANTS, was released September 21, 2020.

Oscar Fuentes Bills and Sepand Samzadeh